Automate and simplify cloud operations

Modern cloud operations are too dynamic and too complex for humans to handle manually.

Simplify cloud operations through automation to run a resilient environment and cloud-native apps.


Automate and simplify cloud operations

Automate and Simplify Cloud Operations

Leverage rule-based automation of monitoring, alerts and remediation, activity tracking, backups, restore, and patch management.

Eliminate Personnel Dependency Limitations

Standardize processes to minimize the human dependency and eliminate the manual errors impacting service availability and performance.

Simplify the Complexity of Multiple Services, Tools, and Integrations

Extract complexity with simplified and standardized processes.

Modernize Cloud Operations

Simplify operations, automate repetitive tasks, and enable self-healing. Benefit from a rich repository of automation templates.

Overcome Multi-cloud Headaches

Multi-cloud infrastructure is a new norm with several benefits. However, it is complex. Control the complexity of multi-cloud operations with cross-cloud standardization, automation, governance, and single-pane-of-glass visibility.

Modules & Features

Cloud Monitoring and Observability

Pattern-based Service Catalog

Operational Efficiency

Automation and IaC (Infrastructure as Code)

Cloud Configuration Management Data Base – C2MDB

Event and Alert Management

Cloud Service Manager

Ticketing and Engagement Module

Long Retention Logging Management

Configuration Change Tracking

ML-Powered Cloud Operations

Abnormal operating patterns

Proactive Operational Issues Identification

Cloud Resources Checks and Best Practices

Time to see the bigger picture

Unwind the power of your multi-cloud operation while eliminating the operational complexities, security risks, and unpredictable costs.

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