Gain Holistic Cloud Utilization Insights

Build your own reports & dashboards, understand your cloud resources, and receive recommendations based on the best practices available.


Gain Holistic Cloud Utilization Insights

Gain Holistic Cloud Utilization Insights

Break operational siloes. Obtain an unified and comprehensive view into key cloud operational metrics. Use ML models to predict future workload performance, trends in the vital cloud metrics such as costs and budget overrun, and optimize threshold levels for different alerts.

Get Complete and Accurate Cloud Inventory

View cloud resources and their relationships across multiple cloud accounts, regions, and multiple cloud providers centrally. Importantly, learn about their governance posture such as resources not following naming standards, without tags, and locks.

Modules & Features

One-Stop-App for Multi-Cloud Management

Multi-Cloud Data Driven and Analytics

Multi-Cloud-Driven Engine Best Practices and Recommendations

Increased Multi-Cloud Visibility

Multi-Cloud Unified Asset Management

Multi-Cloud Profit Center Model

Tenants & Subscriptions

Dashboards & Reports

Time to see the bigger picture

Unwind the power of your multi-cloud operation while eliminating the operational complexities, security risks, and unpredictable costs.

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